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  1. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet. We are pleased to tell you that we are now making preparations for our wedding next year.

    Phil and Sonia

    Met Jill and found her o be a great and most enjoyable woman. Thank you for the introduction. Will be getting in contact with her again to arrange a further meeting


    I was a little nervous about doing this but decided to give it a go. The first gentleman I met was John and he was lovely but no spark. The second gentleman I met was Mark he was exactly what I was looking for tall, nice looking, intelligent and creative. The whole time I was with Mark, my heart fluttered. Thank you Mark and I are continuing to see each other and are both very happy


    Met Andrew through Lavadata and things are going really well. Thank you


    Just a note to thank you. I have contacted Rachel and the first impression is that she is very nice

    Regards Michael

    Brooke and I met a couple of days ago and are going to go out again after Easter. Brooke is nice and I hope we can spend some time together.

    Thank you Adrian

    I thought you might be interested in knowing how I got along with Emma. I met up with Emma in the city for coffee on Thursday night. We seemed to get along well. I found Emma to be a very nice lady. I felt comfortable talking with her and we have things in common. We have arranged to go out again this evening. Thank you for your encouragement and support.

    Regards David

    It went really well with Wendy. She is a very nice person and good looking as well. While I was writing this email, Wendy just called to thank me for the dinner we shared and we are going out for lunch next Friday. Thank you for the introduction.

    Thanks John

    I met Simon on the weekend and had a good impression of him. We have arranged to meet again. I am very happy about this introduction. Thank you


    Had a great time with Andrea and will be seeing her again. Thank you for all your help.


    Met with Jennifer on Monday. Things went pretty smoothly, nice girl. We will be meeting again. Thank you

    Regards Chris

    Dissatisfied with other introduction agencies, I went to Within 24 hours of joining I found 10 girls to meet. The second lady I met, Julie, is now my best friend. The spark was there and we connected immediately. We are in love and living together. Thank you, you have brought happiness to both our lives. We highly recommend ezymtch as a service that gets results.

    Kind Regards Graham

    I was 51, divorced and looking for someone special. I joined and met John (56) who had been widowed and was also looking for someone special. We both felt an instant attraction. I went away on a pre-planned weeks holiday and John phoned me 3 and 4 times each day we missed each other. We are now very much in love and thanks to have found the happiness we were looking for.

    Thank you so much Rosemary

    Thank you! Thanks to you I have meet my nice man and hope it will be continue in future.